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Dalmatian in NO DOGS vest

More recently on TikTok and Instagram, you have requested the link for his NO DOGS vest so here it is so it's super easy to find for any fellow reactive dog folks!

We also have a blog post on other reactive dog essentials you can read here  

But if by some miracle my SEO is working and you found us without our socials check them out here!

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Hello and welcome to our piece of the internet!

this place is home to many things I have created and thoughts to share with fellow reactive dog owners and those struggling with reactive dogs I aim to help advocate for reactive dogs and reward-based and kind training whilst shedding light on reactivity and our journey to help others feel less alone.

Below is my new blog ' The bark and blog' Your go-to blog for all things dogs and dog reactivity from reviews on toys and a look into our training journey and weekly journal updates on life with a reactive dog Check out our most recent posts below or visit the blog page for more!

The Reactive Dalmatian Dog Influencer Blog | Polka Dot Loki

Find out A little more about Loki and his dog reactivity and  a bit about myself  over here too!

Dalmatian K9 Connectables

If you are a shopaholic for collars and dog stuff like me I recommend you Check out our huge range of recommended tried and tested products ( we have discounts  to share on so many dogs and human essentials! )


If you are a business looking for us to try, test, and review your product you can learn more about our affiliate marketing and influencer marketing here! 


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You can check out my Etsy shop here too I create Ebooks on how to make the most of your dog's Instagram set it up for success and become a Dogfluencer  ( if that's something you are interested in) I have also written an ebook on beginners guide to dog photography for social media. 

Ebook on dog photography titled Dogography101 ebook
Ebook on dog influencers titled Dogfluencer101 ebook

Adobe Lightroom presets are a perfect baseline to edit images, we sell numerous preset packs on our Etsy to help get you started with editing your images with Adobe Lightroom ( works with the free version of lightroom)

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Paper training and reactivity planners are currently out of stock until I can free up more time to print and make them however digital reactivity planners are available still :) for Ipads or tablets. thepolkadotplanner is the first dog training and dog reactivity, planner!

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