Lorren and loki polkadotloki loki the reactive dalmatian

About Us 

Why we started, Who we are 

I started this blog  as a way to share things about my life with Loki my reactive dog, I want to create a Go-To resource of information surrounding canine wellbeing and care my goal is to create a fun platform and community that want the absolute best for their dogs 


I want to use our Instagram influence and social media presence to help others who are struggling with their dogs, or want to learn more about just caring for their doggos


Here I will blog about all things dog, from reactivity struggles and Training to photography tips and even how I grew Loki’s Instagram into a successful small business so if you love dogs , photography, or Instagram you are in the right place!

Our goals

are to:

  • Learn 

  • Inspire others 

  • Share our journey 

  • Grow a community 


I love learning new things about dogs, especially about enrichment, training, and behaviour. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge to help people build positive relationships with their dogs. I am a huge advocate for reactive dogs, and I want to be able to help others by sharing our training and  journey with a reactive dog. I hope to expand my community of like-minded dog lovers and create a safe space for others to learn so we can provide the best for our dogs.

Lorren and loki polkadotloki loki the reactive dalmatian

About Me

Hey I'm Lorren, I'm a 27-year-old dog lover & reactive dog, mom, to Loki my 4-year-old dalmatian


I have done a fair few  things over the years, I studied animal care for several years, and then went on to study art in university,  Gradiated Uni and then I had my own successful pet portrait business for a couple of years before I then got Loki and once Loki came into my life I had less free time for art and spent more time out exploring with him and pursued my love for photography instead of art.


I created an Instagram for Loki which became a huge success and was able to pour my knowledge of growing and creating our Instagram into my first self-published E-book, I then went on to write a second book too on photography and editing, which is probably my proudest achievement so far. 


I am neuro diverse struggleing with dyslexia amongst other things so often my posts are a little grammatically incorrect , however I do get family and friends to help proofread my ebooks and blogposts when I can 

Supercool fact about me:

I have Hetrochormia ( one green eye one blue ) which is the same  as loki he has one blue and one brown, our blue ones are even on the same side!

loki the reactive dalmatian orange no dogs vest dexil no dogs vest reactive dog

About Loki

Loki is a 3-year-old  pedigree dalmatian with heterochromia ( two different coloured eyes ) Loki was one of 10 in his litter however  due to complications one pup didn't make it and his mother almost died after giving birth, fortunately, the vets managed to save her however the stress of the birth negatively impacted the hormones in her milk and this then went on to affect the cognitive development of the Pups increasing stress and nervousness within the litter

Despite being well socialised Loki started to struggle with a fear of other dogs after being bitten, nipped and having numerous negative encounters with off-lead dogs, after his 1st birthday and has been dog-reactive (not dog friendly) ever since. 


Loki has a cheeky and Loving personality that will always make me laugh daily he became an Instagram influencer totalling over 60k social media followers and is the face of many brands with his gorgeous eyes ( what’s not to love )

We will be journaling and blogging a lot about Loki’s reactivity & Training journey here aswel as sharing reviews and first impressions on dog-related items 

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