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K9 Connectables 

K9Connectables are dog toys designed to engage, stimulate and entertain your dog  encouraging  your dog’s natural instincts to hunt and work for food, challenging them to unlock the food and treats inside.

The Toys are made from a durable non toxic plastic, K9 Connectables can be stuffed with treats and connected together, the dog can see and smell the food but cannot get at the treats, they have to work to take them appart and get their rewards!

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Tugg - e - Nuff 

Ever wanted a secret weapon when out and about with your dog to guarantee they only have eyes for you? 

Say hello to the awesome tug toys from tug e Nuff the ultimate on-the-spot high-value reward when you’re on walks, at training, or out of the house.


This powerful training aid will help you build a bulletproof recall and reliable focus, all while bonding and having fun with your dog.

Toys are made with soft, enticing real sheepskin rabbit or faux fur and a mixture of bungee handles or chaser handles, these hand-made tuggys are total game-changers for dogs big and small. Try one now, thank us later. 

Save 10% with the discount code: POLKADOT

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Paws In Earnest 

Creating you handy and unique products to help with enrichment toy prep beautiful chopping boards and creators of the stoppl ( a super handy range of utensils for your kongs and topples ) making it faster and easier to prepare your enrichment toys 

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This shop sells a range of handmade Snuffle balls , snuffle Books and snuffle mats she has also recently expanded into human and dog apparell 

Save 10% with the discount code: POLKADOT

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