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Treats & Food - Discount Codes

Dalmatian and rabbit chews
JR Pet Products

JR believes that keeping it simple is the best thing for your dog, that’s why their range is 100% natural simply the finest cuts of fresh meat or dehydrated & air-dried bits … and that’s it! Give your dogs the healthy treats and chews they crave.


Lokis favorites are the

  • Duck Pate

  • Rabbit Ears

  • Flatties ( fish skins )


The pate for training treats is amazing as it is 100% Dalmatian safe complete and OFFAL FREE 

Get £10 off with Referral code: POLKADOT LOKI 

( this code only works once per new customer, has a £40 Minimum spend, and must be input under ' Friend Refferall' and not discount code  )

Paleo Ridge  

Paleo ridge  has a ' special diet ' range that is  is complete & Balanced and low purine making it safe to feed dalmatians and ensuring they get the correct nutrients they need to thrive, finding a Dalmatian safe food is difficult! and getting a premade raw is even harder! 

If you have a Dalmatian, make sure you only feed the ‘ special diet  ‘ - any other breeds can eat anything from the whole of  range with no issues


Save with code: POLKADOT

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