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Training & Walking  Essentials  - Discount Codes

the trainers pouch dalmatian loki the reactive dalmatian training
Trainers Pouch 

The Ultimate training pouch ( I've had many a pouch in the 4 years I've had Loki ) and this one takes to biscuit or should I say stores the biscuit. hands down the best piece of kit I spent the same amount on a ruffwear pouch that only lasted me 6 months, you will never need another pouch again 


easy clean smell and stain-proof these pouched can even store your raw food for training as well as any smelly treat you can throw at it 

Its easy to clean wash it or just give it a quick wipe out , you can even turn it inside out if needed - and because of this it makes the perfect pouch for handfeeding raw meals when training

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IQ ddogsports loki the dalmatian reactive dog training gear sports dog wear
IQ Dog sports Jacket

Gear designed for dog sports usually has training in mind, making them excellent choices for day-to-day dog wear too, the shell jacket from IG is my favorite coat of all time because it was MADE for dog training with deep and removable easy wash front  pockets for treats,  side pockets for keys and phone and a back hoodie sleeve style pocket for toys and motivators when training, there's even velcro loops on the solders to hold your leads and a mini poop bad dispensing pocket too 

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Dalmatian and ball holder throw and go ball holder polkadotloki
Throw & Go - Ball Holder 

The throw and go is a super unique gadget for storing and carrying slobbery balls on walks, this handy little ball holder holds balls securely and can be clipped to your bag or lead 

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loki the reactive dalmatian howling tipi camping glamping
Long Line 

Also found in the accessories section we couldn't be without our PVC longline from the handmade hound, easy to wipe clean  weather-resistant aswel as being incredibly durable our line is 25 M and allows for Loki to have complete freedom whilst still being attached for safety  

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