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Are Dog Mums Really Mums?

Celebrating mothers day as a dog mum

The idea of motherhood is often associated with the act of nurturing and caring for another human. In the case of dog mums, they are responsible for providing food, shelter, and love for their furry companions, much like a mother would for her (human) child. Therefore, it can be argued that dog owners are indeed mothers, albeit to a different species.

Firstly, the bond between a dog and its guardian can be just as strong as the bond between a mother and her child. Dogs are known for their loyalty and affection towards their humans, often seeking comfort and affection from them. In return, dog parents provide their dogs with attention, affection, and a sense of security. the nurturing relationship is similar to the one between a 'mother and child'. dog moms are real moms, and caring for a dog is just as important as taking care of a child. In fact, taking care of a dog can sometimes be even more challenging than caring for a child because dogs cannot communicate with us using words, which means we have to be extra attentive to their body language and behaviour to understand their needs.

Dalmatian and woman in bluebells

Secondly, dog owners are responsible for meeting their dog's needs, such as food, water, and shelter, enrichment and a safe learning environment. They also provide their dogs with medical care and attention when they are sick or injured. This level of responsibility and care is comparable to that of a mother who is responsible for providing for her child's basic needs.

While it may be argued dog parents may not be mothers in the 'traditional sense', they do exhibit many of the same qualities and actions that define motherhood. Their love, care, and responsibility for their dogs can be just as strong and meaningful as the love between a mother and her child. Therefore, to me, dog owners can be considered mothers to their pets.

I would argue that some dog parents may even nurture and care for their dogs in a better way than some human mothers treat their children, and the type of species you choose to raise in your home doesn't define how exceptional of a parent you are.

Raising dogs has difficulties that raising children doesn't, and vice versa. Although some may argue it's comparing apples to oranges, I cannot be convinced that I love Loki any less because he's not a human child. Dog moms experience the same joy, happiness, and emotional attachment to their furry children as human moms do. They also face the same challenges and sacrifices, such as spending money on their dog's needs, adjusting their schedules to accommodate their dog's routine, and putting their dog's needs before their own.

Woofs, Lorren & Loki

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