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Joint Supplements

We sampled a few joint supplements but liked RIAFLEX the most, it has the best quality ingredients that we found & Loki loved it ! We reached out and asked them if they would like to work with us long term and they said yes !

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Lokis super fussy with food and this seems to be palatable for him and he’s happy to have it mixed with his @naturesmenuonline raw nuggets :)

Loki has just turned 3 today and I can’t even Believe how the time has flown, when it comes to joint care prevention is better than cure, care for and support them now

Canine Joint PlusHA is the ultimate and most effective joint supplement, Unrivalled by any other brand, they are the most concentrated canine joint supplement available.

Reflecting on this

… I should really take more supplements myself 😂😂 I don’t take any but Loki has several haha ! Anyone else look after there dogs better than themselves 🙋🏻‍♀️

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