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Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian - Honest Review

.: Update 29/06/2022 :.

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Introduction to Lokis Anxiety & Reactivity

Loki is a reactive dog, despite being a quite a confident and well-socialized puppy after numerous negative encounters within his first year of life with aggressive dogs and off-lead dogs, he quickly became anxious, nervous, and then fear reactive when he saw dogs out and about, in day to day life his anxiety would escalate to the point of him reacting with ‘ repulsion behaviors ‘ ( growling, barking, lunging on the lead towards triggers (dogs)

I worked non-stop on his training ( using only the most up-to-date ethical reward-based training to slowly alters Lokis emotions towards triggers but this process was minimal because his car anxiety and noise sensitivity in the house would mean he was always anxious whenever we left the house before even working with dogs.

Our Experience with Dorwest

Loki has been on the dorwest scullcap and valerian tablets for

over a Year now and I just wanted

to update our review of the product and how it has worked for us, I reached out to

Dorwest last year after hearing a lot of excellent things about them from other reactive dog owners and dogs struggling with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder ) After chatting to them they advised a dose for Loki based on a few questions about his training, his issues, and his weight etc,

~ Dorwest Team

"For Loki's weight, we would recommend giving a minimum of 6 tablets per day and a maximum of 12 tablets per day. We would recommend splitting the daily amounts between morning and evening so that there is even coverage throughout the day. If his anxiety/reactivity is quite severe, you may find it more effective by starting in the higher end of the dose range and then adjusting accordingly once an effect is seen in the system.

You can top up with the Valerian Compound prior to specific situations that cause anxiety (such as when going for a walk around other dogs). This takes about 30 minutes to work and lasts for a couple of hours. You would give 5ml per dose for his size and this can be given up to twice in 24 hours."

We followed ( and still do ) this recommendation Loki has 4 in the morning and 3 at night ( which is what has worked well for us, although when I started him on them he was on 4 mornings and 4 nights I noticed a huge difference in Loki not only did I notice but my partner did too, and in as little as two weeks of starting Loki on the tablets, his generalized anxiety was reduced his noise sensitivity in the flat where we used to live was drastically improved and his traveling I the car and reactivity was positively impacted too, we started to go longer without reactions and with a good training plan in place and management implemented with his reactivity we started making great progress with his training

The tablets are small and easy to give him he actually looks forward to tablet times as he gets a little cheese chaser afterward, haha - Loki only has the tablets as he is not as keen on the taste of the compound (dropper) and the tablets have worked so well for us and for what we need which is a more constant dose to reduce his Generalised Anxiety more so than a higher dose to reduce something situational like a vet visit, etc

There was a short period where I fell out of routine and stopped giving Loki his regular Dorwest and noticed an increase in his pacing and inability to settle, so when He returned to taking them regularly could again see the positive impact it had on his day to day life - Recommend these to anyone who is struggling with GA or reactivity/anxiety/arousal/stress in their dogs, I can honestly say that its really helped Loki so much

If you were considering giving them a try you can find them here

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