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“Enrichment should not make dinner difficult”

Enrichment should be used to enrich your dogs lives and be a outlet for natural behaviours Foraging/sniffing , chewing, digging & shredding etc

“Enrichment should make your dog's life more interesting, not more difficult”

Enrichment shouldn’t be only allowing your dog access to food through puzzle feeders and toys

Puzzle feeders are excellent brain games but they are mentally exhausting for most dogs !

Pictured - Wobble bowl

You don’t want to have your dogs relationship with food be filled with frustration, you wouldn’t want to do a rubix cube just for your dinner every single night , right ?

Mix your enrichment difficulties and grant access to a more easily obtainable meal too (lickmat/bowl or snuffle mat)

Loki has a mixture of frozen , fresh and dry foods for enrichment (kongs,lickmats & treats in his treat toys He also has several puzzle feeders He enjoys)

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