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Journaling your dogs reactvity

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I Created the Polkadot Planner as a way to journal and manage your day to day life with a reactive dog

There was a time when I was struggling with Loki's reactivity and anxiety, which gave me more anxiety issues myself.

I began to react to sounds, always on the lookout for potential triggers. I was tired. I lacked motivation. I found it hard to unwind. I had trouble sleeping. I found myself overwhelmed. I was upset. I was disheartened.

The negativity overpowered any positivity and that negativity started impacting my relationship with Loki and with people. Then, mid-lockdown, I reached rock bottom. I had a relationship breakdown, I had to sell my home and I had to leave my job.

But rather than continue down this spiral, I decided to pursue my passion for creating things and I was inspired to put together this Planner.

I decided that tracking Loki's progress and setting time aside every day to keep a record of my own thoughts and feelings would help; help with planning training sessions, help with preparing for walks, help with enrichment, while also helping recognise when I needed self-care. Mindfulness is so beneficial because after all, you can't fill a cup if your own glass is empty!

I'm really pleased with how this planner has turned out and I hope you guys find it useful

The planner is avalable in both silver and rose gold, the artwork inside the planners is a watercolour style, the dogs are able to be customised to fit the colour and breed if your dogs for a personalised touch " Looking for the perfect planner for your manic Dog mom Life?

wanting to get yourself organized and set more time aside for yourself? , looking for a place to plan your training, or perhaps you work with a reactive dog and want a place to reflect and track your progress?

what about showing your perfect pooch and needing a place for those all-important judge comments so you can easily keep track, train , and plan the dates ,

Planner Contens

Binder, cover & startup pages this includes

Front cover & If found please return to page

- Self-care pages

- Counter Negative thoughts

- write your own Recipe Card

- Reinforcement pyramid

- Tricks tracker & training

- budget planner

- Savings tracker

- Shopping list

- Monthly calendar ( on the back )

- Extra Notes pages

- Weekly spreads for 1 MONTH

Customer Reviews

Absolutely beautiful journal! I have 2 labradors and there are pages for them both, and they even added coloured collars to separate them out which is a really lovely touch! Good thick paper, the design is gorgeous, it's exactly what I've been looking for to try and organise my dog training for months!.”

Shaloma Ghosh 20 Sep, 2021

Can I just say how BEAUTIFUL this planner is. Even page, every illustration is so well thought out and detailed it just blows my mind away. Lorren has beautiful customized illustrations of my puppy in each page and it brings a smile to my face whenever I write in. Already have started writing in and tracking our daily walk self care etc. Thank you so much!

Anya 11 Sep, 2021

An absolutely stunning planner, perfect for tracking my progress with my dog's reactivity and training. Love that there's plenty of pages in there for myself too, as having a reactive dog can be extremely stressful so this will be so useful for keeping my own mental well-being in check too. The personalised element is the perfect finishing touch, as the artwork is simply beautiful. Brilliant customer service from Lorren, don't hesitate to buy this!

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