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New Year, we moved , New behaviourist

We Finally moved home just before Christmas and now that we've had some time to settle in I hope to get into the swing of blogging more about my general life and Relationship with Loki outside of Instagram, I feel like our Instagram has become somewhat boring and that perhaps Written content may be better suited to some for reading and learning about reactivity or following our journey.

We have now moved to Denbighshire which is a much more rural location than where Loki has spent most of his life and with that, I have seen huge improvements in his overall behaviour.

When we first moved I took advantage of the fact it was new years and popped flyers through my Row of neighboring houses, I had a bad relationship with the neighbors at the temporary flat we were in and hated them, they would try to lock me out, aggravate Loki, move Lokis settle mat/doormat and sling it outside .. they even deliberately left chicken bones out at one point! - UGH

then other locals had dogs that were also reactive or off lead their children were rude and would shout at Loki from across the road and run at us it was pretty awful..

so I wanted to make sure I could harbor good relationships with the new neighbors ( or at least try ) - before anything bad with neighboring dogs could even happen I advocated for lokis space, introduced myself, and explained Lokis behavior

I had two of my neighbors reach out to me via Instagram too! one owns a dog groomers and is super lovely and the other we've even been on a few walks with and she's super sweet and it has been great for Loki too!

Moving here has been great for Loki so far, we've had no bad incidents with other dogs but I am worried as the other houses go up that there may be more issues with dogs, but for now, amazingly, Loki can sometimes only see one or two dogs a week! instead of 5 a day it's amazing and doing wonders for his decompression time and arousal issues.

We are also starting with a new Veterinary behaviorist and working on lokis issues , Once I change his vets over and get our 'situational medication ' ( to ease the stress of the vets visit) he will be then having three blood tests to makes sure there is nothing going on that we haven't noticed that may also be contributing to his reactivity or anxiety in anyway,

We firstly need to trial Loki on the medication before using it so that will be sometime in the next week or so I’ll write another blog on that

for now ciao !

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