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Off the Grid & Unplugged Stay

We went for a three day stay off the grid in an Unplugged Cabin, we stayed at the Pablo

which was in 📍 Finchingfield, Essex, the entire trip was incredible! And perfect for anyone looking for an escape with their reactive dog, one of the cabins is close to the other but it will say this on their website so if you avoid that one all the rest are very rural, We travelled down on Tuesday, the trip took around four hours ( quite a drive for us and Loki ) and he was a little restless on the journey down but soon unwound when we arrived.

When we arrived at about 4 pm and we parked at the bottom grabbed the little trolly and filled it with our things and wheeled it up as we took the short walk up to the cabin,

The cabins are self-check ins with a lockbox code, and awaiting us within the cabin was a wooden box with a padlock ( to lock away our phones) an instant digital camera with 10 shots of the film, a compass, and some maps about the surrounding area including the walkable pubs,

Loki even had a doggy welcome pack with a bowl and some treats and a towel for his muddy paws, there are several books provided about the art of doing nothing and unwinding, although I packed my own ( The Forever Dog ) which I will also review when I've finished it.

There were also games we played several games of scrabble ( which I lost all three times ) there were also dog-inoes

( yes dominoes with dogs ) lokis favourite was the dalmatian ofc ;) and the timeless classic, Jenga!

The cabins are also kitted out with all the utensils you need to cook on the mini hobs or grind a fresh coffee, I particularly enjoyed the camomile tea blend before bed with my book, but we predominantly cooked on the firepit with the sounds of the old school radio they had in the background ,

The cabin has a small fire too which kept us really warm and I actually almost melted my shoes drying them out a little too much - lol

The Firepit was perfect and we spent most evenings in front of it, wood and fuel for cooking were provided too, and we had our fill of burgers and sausages,

( Loki had a cheeky few sausages ends in a kong )

he was nervous about the fire on the first night but was more confident when we lit it earlier in the evening the following day, and when he realised the sausages were cooked on it he was happy to relax nearby awaiting sasauge ends ( he's quite sensitive in the dark so I think that's why )

The first night Loki did start randomly barking at the bushes ( at foxes we realized ) which spooked us enough to call it a night on our first night and head inside after we had toasted some marshmallows for dessert. must note if you are raw feeding your dog or leaving bones outside they will get snatched by foxes, poor Loki lost his hambone and rabbit ear the first night, haha

The sounding Areas of the Pablo were incredible for Loki and he was able to spend most of his time off lead, and exploring the new scents and sights, which is so nice, as lots of 'dog-friendly holidays' usually are in dog heavy areas that are not so great for a reactive dog like Loki the Pablo was perfect.

The two connecting woodlands were filled with bluebells birdsong and we even spotted herds of wild dear, several foxes, bats, and wild hares. Loki did try to chase the odd hare but he is much too slow, he did, however, drop his ball down a huge badger hole so that's never to be seen again.

We Took several walks daily and thoroughly enjoyed spotting all the wildlife there are several birds' hides dotted about too ( altho they were laddered so not dog friendly )

Peep the deers in the centre of the photo , its not a great shot but they were so far away and we didn't want to disturb them with Loki.

One of the things I loved was the instant film camera although Dewi opened the back and flashed half of the film (classic)

But we still came home with a few snaps, there's something about watching your pics develop and instantly having something to hold that I just loved, obviously, I have my camera but I never print my photos it's something I always say ill do and then never do, so I really enjoyed capturing memories this way and a blurry photo of Loki enjoying a kong by the firepit is now my bookmark.

We were very lucky with the weather, we only had a short burst of rain and started cooking when it started to rain it went from 0 to downpour within minutes had to give up on cooking the sausages on the pit, dog dad tried cooking them under an umbrella however, the rain was too much and started dripping on the sausages 😂 so he rushed them inside and we finished them on the hob with a few burgers with Lokis longing gaze to taste test them.

The rest of our evenings were warm and beautiful and we enjoyed watching the sunset whilst toasting marshmallows, Loki was able to potter about freely, the airport is fairly close by too and with the clear night sky you could see them flying over to land

We did venture to one of the local pubs for fresh handmade pizza, one evening and also popped to a small beautifully furnished local tearoom called ' The Greedy Duck ' really recommended their millionaire's shortbread and the lady was so lovely to chat to and she has spoken to a few unplugged adventurers before, she told us about Jamie Oliver buying the huge house that was nearby. and how beavers had been reintroduced into the wild ( we left Loki sleeping on the sofa in the cabin so I'm not sure if either of these places were dog friendly or not )

I found it much easier to unplug than I had initalinitiallyly thought, somehow taking a break from Instagram and my phone in general was actually really relaxing Instagram is my hobby and day job so it can be quite exhausting without realising. I didn't realize how much sitting on my iPad before bed affected my sleep too until I started reading before bed with a mug of camomile tea instead,

The bed was super comfy too and having the huge window to sleep by and watch the stars was amazing, the bed is also really high, so we were able to actually keep Loki off it completely except for the last day when we wanted to take a few snaps, Loki settled very well and spend his evenings asleep on the seating area or on his bed near the fire,

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and would absolutely stay again, might make it an annual holiday to unplug and detox from screens for a few days - and totally recommend you give it a try!

#unplugged #unpluggedrest #digitaldetox

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