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Pet Portraits that help support animals in need

It was a pleasant surprise to be tagged in this beautiful artwork of Loki

A group of Ukraine artists called 'Draw and Care' have created this lovely cartoon rendition of Loki. They are using their artistic talents to raise funds for animals in Ukraine. This portrait is so gorgeous that it's inspiring me to write a book about Loki.

Artists from Ukraine have put together a project called 'Draw and Care' to help animals affected by war.

The group specializes in drawing customised digital art which can include portraits of people, families and pets. They donate a portion of their profits to shelters and veterinary centres in Ukraine. Their goal is to support animals in the wake of Russian hostility. When you order from them, you will not only receive a unique piece of artwork, but you are also supporting animals in need.

Here's their website if you were interested in ordering one of your pet:

And their store on Etsy:

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Proofed by @tailsfromearthsea

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