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Reactive Dog Walk- Essentials

If you are the owner of a reactive dog likely that you may already own some of these items, some of these items are also for general dog walks too but these are things that I use regularly for Loki and recommend

The NO DOGS Vest

One of the questions I get asked the most is where is Loki’s NO DOGS vest from and you can find it here

I have several vests for Loki but this one is by far the best for being seen, its bright the text is BIG and it has reflective strips too, someone with general vision can clock this vest from a great distance and ( if there are not assholes) hopefully recall their dogs! and give you some space.

I have other fancy vests with pockets and such, but they just can't be read until someone is far too close to us anyway - as a perk, this vest is also really affordable at £12.99 some custom handmade vests can be between £30 to £60 or more

(and no one can read them anyway unless they're within a few metres )

In my opinion, this vest is the way to go, bandanas and collars are cute but again just too hard/ impossible to read unless someone actively looking at your dog or very close to you already,

The NO DOGS Vest

So I mentioned above that collars and bandanas aren’t the best for giving warnings like NO DOGS or I NEED SPACE etc but collars are good for other things such as DO NOT PET or DONT TOUCH the collar is the last thing someone is going to see whilst attempting to touch your dog ( and to be honest people STILL will even with the biggest and boldest letters that you can imagine)

but I still like to have it anyway as Loki is nervous of people he will approach but will back away from people trying to touch him, especially his face ( don’t blame him I hate people being near my face ha-ha)

As Loki is a large dog I often get the thickest tactical collars from Regal Dog I love these collars, there strong durable and padded for comfort, easy to take on and off with the tactical clip and don’t make a loud click like some buckles and they are easy to quick release in case of emergency, I also like the handle and often use it if I’m waiting at the edge of the road to cross ( Just In case )

There are two types of collars from a regal dog that I own

the Tactical range and the Gold Series Tactical

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The Tactical & Patch

This collar has the most colour options and has a Velcro patch that you can use for custom patches you can buy premade or order custom patches on their website too

left Loki wears Green Tactical 5cm with a custom DO NOT TOUCH patch, I love the idea of the Velcro so you can easily swap out the message, you can also wear it without a patch as the Velcro underneath is colour matched to the collar

The custom patches are of excellent quality with an embroidered edge and vinyl lettering

Training Pouch - The trainer's pouch

The Trainers Pouch

I love these pouches so much I have 3 Both the Original and the Pocket These silicone pouches are the ULTIMATE treat pouch, and I’ve had MANY, I’ve had cheap ones from amazon, some I have bought from cruft’s and even the ruff wear pouch and none of them is close to this, because its silicone it doesn’t absorb any smell or fats/oils from the treats.

So not only does it not smell or stain it also helps stop those threats from drying out as quickly Its easy to clean wash or just give it a quick wipe out, you can even turn it inside out if needed - and because of this it makes the perfect pouch for hand-feeding raw meals when training

the original is the larger of the two, and both the original and pocket have their colour ranges but they are both the same material and quality

If I’m feeding training with Loki’s RAW I use the bigger ones, but for walks & reactivity training I like to take two of the smaller ones one with very high-value smelly treats and the other with his regular treats (that’s just my preference)

Emergency - Dog Repellent spray

I bought some K917 repellent spray as I was recommended it by several others after Loki was charged by a large mixed breed in the park, however, I am yet to use it, and hopefully, I won't need to it smells incredibly actually quite like the smell, its much like insect repellent, a sort of herbal & minty scent

"Formerly known as BiteBack, K917 is a deterrent spray for formulated specifically canines, it comes in a compact 50ml hanhandheldd held aerosol spray. It works by creating a vapour cloud around the dog's muzzle, masking the air with the smell and taste of their special formulation.
Most importantly unlike traditional pepper sprays which can prove lethal to dogs, K917 has absolutely no lasting effects and typically after 10 -20 minutes the dog will make a full recovery."

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