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The Downside of Social media for dogs

Aren't social media platforms great? There is nothing better than scrolling endlessly through dog pictures and videos, right?

And for the most part who doesn't love dogs?

The problem with social media is how easy it is to be regarded as an 'influencer'

Having a large audience that trusts the information that you share. The majority of viral dog content I see features dogs in a state of stress, appeasement, fear, or discomfort.

An overwhelming percentage of viral dog content includes children climbing on dogs, dogs being forcibly hugged or barked at, dogs being startled awake, and dogs being chased with objects they deem scary.

The alarming part about these posts is the fact most owners do not notice the stress signals and body language their dogs are displaying. It's often thought that a wagging tail means a happy dog, which is factually incorrect. A lot of creators use their pets to produce content, which can then encourage others to follow the trends.

Social media has the ability to educate about dog behaviour and promote appropriate care for our canine companions. This, unfortunately, falls short because the target audience finds a terrified dog being chased by a hoover much more entertaining than educational posts about behaviour.


Signs Of “Stop Right Now” Stress

Dogs use body language to speak to other dogs as well as people. Unfortunately, many of us are not fluent in “doggy-speak,” causing us to miss signs that our dogs are practically screaming for help –

without saying a word.

Common signs of stress in dogs:

Yawning when they’re not tired

Panting out of context or with a wide, tight “grin”


Ears flattened down or back

Looking/leaning away (avoidance)

Whites of eyes visible, known as “whale eye”

Sudden refusal to take tasty treats

Lip licking

Forceful licking of your face ( its appeasement )

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what are your thoughts on social media on dogs?

Also, If you've made it this far then 10/10 enjoy this cute picture of Loki stress-free enjoying his ball.

Best Woofs, Lorren & Loki

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