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Dog Christmas Cracker DIY

Who loves crackers? the brightly coloured hat you just have to wear, the eye-watering awful jokes well our dogs don't have to miss out on all the fun, here's how to make a fun (and enriching) Christmas cracker for your dogs to enjoy this Christmas, this simple DIY is perfect for a festive touch but also engages their brains and noses to work out how to get the treats from inside, its cheap fun and super easy, make one in three easy steps!

Lets Get Crackin'

What You Will Need

  • Toilet Paper Rolls

  • Tissue Paper ( for smaller or older dogs ) or wrapping paper for an extra festive look

  • String or Ribbon

  • A mixture of small dry dog treats (smellier the better)

Step 1

Start by stuffing your toilet roll tube with tissue paper /shredded paper ( or even a sock ) and treats, gently fold the edges in to make the treats inside a little bit more of a challenge to get to remember the more you stuff it, the harder it will be for some dogs.

Step 2

Once you have your tube stuffed with snacks wrap your tube up in tissue paper or wrapping paper

make sure you leave excess on either end, this is what you will twist to make the ends of the cracker for tugging or shredding

Step 3

Twist the edges of the paper and secure it with, ribbon, tape or string, you could choose to not secure it at all to make it less challenging for an older or smaller dog,

DO ensure you are always supervising play with these crackers

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