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What We Love About Ivy & Duke Dogbeds

Ivy & Duke pet beds are simply amazing! As the guardian of a crazy Dalmatian named Loki, I have tried several pet beds over the years, but none have been as impressive as Ivy & Duke. What stands out about these pet beds is their orthopaedic base, which provides the utmost comfort and support for dogs of all sizes. You can save 10% sitewide with code PDL10

Loki the dalmatian in a bed
Duck Egg - Den Bed

As Loki is getting older, he's starting to have minor joint discomfort. The bed is soft and plush, yet provides the necessary support to keep his joints and bones in proper alignment. The orthopaedic design has had a positive effect on his joints.

Another great feature of Ivy & Duke pet beds is the interchangeable covers. With a Dalmatian in the house that's allergic to dust mites and house mites, and we know that his dog hair can be a hassle to clean. But Ivy & Duke's interchangeable covers make cleaning a breeze.

I can easily remove the covers and toss them in the washing machine, and the bed is good as new. This has saved so much time and effort, and the bed always looks clean and fresh.

Overall, I would highly recommend Ivy & Duke pet beds to any pet owner, especially those with senior dogs or dogs with joint issues. The orthopedic design has had a positive impact on Loki's joints, and the interchangeable covers make cleaning up after him a breeze. Ivy & Duke pet beds are a must-have for any pet parent looking for a high-quality, comfortable, and easy-to-clean bed for their furry friend.

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