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Why I havent walked my dog for a week...

Lokis not had ‘ walks ‘ for over a week now , by this I mean no walks from A to B no walks to the park no walks anywhere at all , and dispute there being a heatwave in the U.K. at the moment that’s not actually the reason either

I decided to ‘manage’ lokis access to the environment and his ability to encounter triggers, last week I started not walking him other than to toilet outside to try and aid his decompression and minimise his stress

However it hasn’t gone as smoothly as I had hoped with his emergency and traumatic vet visit and then the incident with the spaniel off lead he’s still had a pretty stressful week and ontop of that we now have this horrible heatwave

Lokis daily routine has been , snuffle games and sleep he’s not been into training because of the heat which is fine , less training treats will help his weight loss a bit ,

and then we take a trip to the hire field in the evening we’ve managed to keep the majority of the week trigger free and hope to try and give him an easy month weeks before we move in September

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