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Lets Work Together,

I'm Lorren, a 28-year-old uni graduate and dog lover (and the one with thumbs) behind Loki's account.


I am a dedicated and enthusiastic content creator and photographer.

I started Loki's Instagram as a visual diary and a way to build friendships with other like-minded people. We quickly grew our own community of supportive and engaging followers that both adore their dogs (and mine too!).

We share training, canine enrichment

and ways to improve your dog's mental health, so we particularly love to review enrichment toys or training games , puzzle feeders ect

There's no denying Dalmatians are one of the most iconic and eye-catching breeds and that's what Loki does best, he's perfect for product modeling, his short fur shows off any collar harness or product brilliantly. Loki's unique eyes also capture the attention of viewers and make him more memorable.

lorren and loki polkadotloki reactive dog  peach collar and lead

how are we difFErent ?

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unuique niches

Anxiety Advocate

Loki is an advocate for anxious and reactive dogs, we have a large following of nervous and anxious dogs that follow his training journey, This unique niche allows us to advertise anything geared towards similar dogs with excellent ROI calming aids awareness gear, muzzles, high vis coats lead, secure/hire fields etc as well as training equipment ( treats, pouches toys etc)

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Dalmatian Diet

Dalmatians are a breed that has to have a specifically tailored diet to avoid forming stones all dalmatians have a defective gene that doesn't allow them to convert purines properly, if you are looking to market low purine treats or chews, our large audience of other dalmatian owners will greatly appreciate any dalmatian safe recommendations.

About Our Audience 

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42% Aged Between 25-34

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Services & Rates

Photo Post                                             £250

Dedicated in-feed post featuring photography with product info & caption of choice with full rights to images used for sharing & future advertising.

Grid Post will always remain.

Sponsored Reel    Or Tiktok                                                                                            £150

Short Form Video featuring product & Tagging Brand with a call to action shared across both Instagram and ticktock platform

Instagram Stories                                  £50

24 Hour story post with two frames & swipe up link to your website of choice with either content created by us, or provided by you

Unboxing & Review                                 £300

Edited Video Of Unboxing product, First Impressions / Review of product on the blog , Original video file & Full rights to use for future advertising. Photograph with Product

Single Gridpost & Either a Reel /Igtv or Story - for the video Content

Please note if you wish to work with us I will only review products that do genuinely work for Loki or that he enjoys, my followers trust that, and I am always open and honest in my feedback, I will also never advertise or promote the use of any punishment-based training methods.